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Experienced, Trusted Representation For Municipalities Seeking Assistance With Workers’ Compensation Matters

Municipal employers in New York must adhere to a unique set of workers’ compensation laws, rules and procedures.

When issues arise, municipalities who have the assistance of an attorney with knowledge handling workers’ compensation defense matters can safeguard their interests and budget.

Located in Troy, at Stockton, Barker & Mead, LLP, our attorneys have represented many different employers, including municipalities, located all throughout upstate New York for many years. We possess decades of collective experience offering guidance on workers’ compensation rules, negotiating disputes and litigating claims in court.

Extensive Legal Knowledge To Resolve A Variety Of Issues

Because workers’ compensation procedures vary among various municipal employees, we tailor our approach to the specific situation.

For example, a law enforcement officer may not file an injury claim the same way a transportation worker might. Similarly, the circumstances of an injury may also make a difference. For example, a municipal employee whose work injury puts him or her into retirement could bring about high costs for the employer.

Our lawyers have a thorough understanding of the law. Regardless of the circumstance, we can help conduct a detailed analysis of each situation and use our knowledge to find a cost-effective solution.

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