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Supporting Self-Insured Business Owners In Upstate New York

As insurance rates continue to rise, self-insurance has become an increasingly attractive option for many business owners in Albany and throughout the state of New York. However, the choice does come with risks — a large settlement or verdict can ruin a company’s bottom line.

Seeking advice and guidance from an experienced law firm equipped to handle workers’ compensation defense, one with a history of getting results, it very important for any self-insured business owner.

A Trusted Choice For New York Self-Insured Business Owners

At Stockton, Barker & Mead, LLP, our team of workers’ compensation attorneys have extensive experience offering guidance to self-insured business owners regarding issues that arise from workers’ compensation claims, whether from an employee or a state or federal agency.

Whether you need assistance with specific aspects of the workers’ comp process, such as subrogation options or wish to know more about your option to initiate an independent medical examination, we can help.

Long-Lasting Partnerships

Our firm takes pride in providing continuous assistance to business owners like you. Our team of lawyers have developed close working relationships with the risk management and claims processing offices, so we can better understand:

  • Whether it’s beneficial to settle a case, litigate or aim for an alternative resolution option
  • Your entity’s goals when faced with a workers’ comp claim
  • Your entity’s approach to balancing both financial considerations and employee morale when litigating a case
  • How your business fits within its industry and what its competitive needs are
  • What plans to consider to avoid risk to your company’s bottom line in the future

We take pride in providing New York business owners who opt to self-insure trusted representation they can turn to for their workers’ comp defense needs.

Let us help you.

Discuss Your Needs With Us Today

To learn more about how we can assist you uniquely, set up a confidential consultation with one of our attorneys at our office in Troy by contacting us online or calling 518-703-8871.