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Trusted Advisers Serving Some Of The Country’s Largest Employers

Large companies deal with thousands of workers’ compensation claims every year.

A company’s finances and morale can be severely impacted by these claims and how the company chooses to deal with them. Additionally, the company needs to protect itself from workers’ compensation fraud in meritless and frivolous claims.

An Established History

For nearly two decades, our team at Stockton, Barker & Mead, LLP, has defended the interests of large businesses regarding workers’ compensation and related claims.

Our clients include retailers with a nationwide presence, large self-insurers, international corporations and many other large-scale companies.

Our Approach

Large companies encounter a unique balancing act when faced with workers’ compensation claims. Although settling a claim may resolve an issue quickly and for a smaller sum, doing so could also serve as an invitation to meritless claims. Additionally, the company must weigh what effect disputing a claim will have on employee morale.

Through our long history of providing effective workers’ compensation defense, we have helped many businesses address these issues and find the balance that is right for them.

Our approach to large business workers’ compensation defense involves:

  1. Carefully assessing each situation in its totality
  2. Working closely with our clients’ risk management departments and insurance companies to create a plan that will resolve the issue and protect future business interests
  3. Executing the plan as efficiently and effectively as possible

Our lawyers are trusted advisers and effective advocates who large businesses need on their side. We know the law and have an established history of success.

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