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Can a company terminate a contract for convenience?

As a small business owner in Troy, you rely heavily on the security that comes from having service contracts with your clients. A contract signifies stability in that as long as your business is able to meet its terms, you will have work to do. Thus, having a partner try to terminate a contract can be potentially devastating. If you are like most, then you hold the assumption that a party to a contract can only end it prematurely if it has a valid cause to do so. Unfortunately, that may not always be the case. 

Can an independent contractor waive employee rights?

As someone who owns and operates a small business in the state of New York, at times you may need to hire an independent contractor to handle tasks that an employee is not qualified for. In doing so, you are aware that state and federal law carefully distinguishes between employees and independent contractors and can penalize you for treating an independent contractor as an employee. So you should be careful while designating a worker as an independent employee.

What are the criteria for independent contractors?

As a New York small business owner and employer, one of the most important things you must understand is the difference between your actual employees that you hire and the independent contractors you engage to do various pieces of work for you.

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