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When someone dies, their estate proceeds through the process known as probate. In some instances, a person’s estate is probated — assets are assessed, and debts are paid — without any dispute from an executor, beneficiary, family member or another party.

However, in other instances, disputes arise that stall the probate process and create mayhem. Some of the most common disputes involve:

  • The validity of a will: People may question the legitimacy of a will for numerous reasons. A person may question whether undue influence played a part in. Perhaps another may claim that the testator was mentally incapacitated at the time he or she signed the will.
  • Administrator disputes: Some people may disagree with an estate’s chosen executor or administrator. Family members have been known to question whether that person carries the trust or capacity to carry out his or her fiduciary duties.
  • Trustee disputes: A trust is often a part of an estate plan, with an individual appointed as the trustee. However, family members often dispute the individual tasked with overseeing the trust assets.

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At Stockton, Barker & Mead, LLP, we have resolved a wide range of probate disputes for executors, family members and beneficiaries. Our attorneys have decades of collective experience litigating a variety of cases, including probate matters.

Whether the issue involves a creditor claim, will dispute, business success plan or any other matter involving the estate of a recently deceased loved one, we have the experience and skill to help resolve the matter.

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