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3 Signs That Your Employee May Be Faking A Work Injury

Why would someone pretend to get hurt on the job when nothing is wrong with them?

Here are four relatively common reasons.

  1. They may be addicts seeking narcotics for personal use
  2. They may want a free ride and to get paid without working
  3. They may be attention seekers in search of undeserved sympathy
  4. They may have been injured elsewhere and want free medical care

It is safe to say that most employees would not fake a workplace injury for any reason, but it still serves your interests to be on the lookout for false claims. Below are three signs to watch for after a worker reports an injury.

1. Refusing tests or treatments

Those with false injuries probably know that a battery of diagnostic procedures could uncover their deception. They may try to avoid imaging tests like MRIs or X-rays, or refuse non-narcotic treatments.

2. Lack of witnesses

It is rare for a workplace accident to go unobserved. If the employee says they were alone when the injury occurred, consider investigating further to ensure the claim is valid.

3. History of filing claims

Many work their entire lives without suffering a workplace injury. Others may only need to seek benefits once or twice in their career. A closer look at the incident may be wise if the worker has a history of filing multiple claims.

Employers should not have to pay when an employee files a fake claim, but at the same time, you must not interfere with their rights. Learning about your obligations and rights under New York law can help you defend your position if you suspect workers’ compensation fraud.

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