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Remote Work And Worker’s Comp: What Business Owners Should Know

Perhaps you are one of the many companies that have moved toward hybrid working during the past few years. Many employees enjoy the flexibility this allows them and the time they save by not commuting every day.

As an employer, you’ve probably learned a lot about technologies to facilitate this and how to manage a workforce that is not always in front of your eyes. You also need to understand its effect on your workers’ compensation policy. Is someone injured while working remotely still covered?

They probably are covered under your policy

If your employee injures themselves while working for you in their home, then they are most likely covered. Yet, sometimes things can fall into a gray area. One thing that many remote workers appreciate is the chance to wander into their kitchen and grab a snack whenever they feel like it. What happens if they electrocute themselves on a faulty toaster in the process? Or slip over on a patch of water that their child spilled. Are they covered then? 

You could argue they were not actually working, but if you think about the working day when they are on your site, they’re not always “working” either. Sometimes they make a drink, eat lunch or go to the restroom. They’d usually be covered there because they are technically at work.

It’s not easy to understand the rules regarding workers’ compensation and remote working, but legal help is available if you wish to learn more.

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