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Correcting known hazards to prevent or reduce worker injury claims

Most employers are always interested in finding ways to lower their operational costs without compromising worker safety. As you may know, workers’ compensation insurance is one of the most expensive components of running a successful business.

Since workers’ comp is mandatory for most New York employers, it is not an expense you can completely eliminate. However, addressing known injury hazards is a simple, low-cost way to prevent some workplace injuries. In turn, you get enhanced worker safety and potentially face fewer worker’s comp insurance claims.

Falling hazards

Recognized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) as a leading cause of employee injuries, falling is a risk in all industries. Ensure walkways are free of debris and other slip, trip and fall hazards. If you operate a construction or contracting business, be especially aware of fall hazards.

Electrical dangers

If your business requires employees to work with or around electricity, they may be at risk of electric shocks or even death by electrocution. Ensure that at-risk workers receive training that qualifies them to work with or near electrical currents. Have visible hazards like exposed wiring repaired by a licensed electrician right away.

Ergonomic injury risks

Injuries associated with repetitive movements (carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.) arise in many work situations, from office jobs to construction and iron or steel work. Promote body and environmental health on the job with training and accessible information about workplace ergonomic principles.

Refresh your understanding of New York workers’ compensation laws to protect yourself if an employee alleges that you violated their work injury rights. Legal guidance can offer support and knowledge when facing these and other workers’ comp issues.

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