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3 keys to avoid worker’s compensation issues

As a responsible employer, you want to provide your workers with all the protections the law decrees. Yet, you also know that some people are willing to take advantage of good-natured employers and claim compensation not due to them.

So how can you protect your workers and business without exposing yourself to unnecessary premium increases due to unscrupulous employees?

1. Make reporting requirements clear to all your employees

Check with your insurer as to what time limits apply for reporting injuries. Then you need to publicize this so that any employee who misses the deadline to inform you they are injured cannot claim they did not know.

You also need to make it explicitly clear how they go about reporting injuries. They need to tell the correct person – someone that you have instructed what to do next so that you can then get the claim to the insurer in time. Instructing supervisors and managers on how to handle reports is imperative.

2. Take all claims seriously

You may receive claims you feel are frivolous. It’s probably safer to pass them on to the insurer (perhaps with a note) and let them make that call. If you ignore it, the employee might try to claim that you intentionally retaliated against them for some reason. 

3. Take appropriate action immediately

People’s memories of an event fade and change with time. If an accident occurs, or someone alleges one does, recording their accounts and those of colleagues and supervisors straight away is more likely to get you the correct information than leaving it till later.

Perhaps the best way to decrease the risk of workers’ compensation problems is to get legal help to review your policies and procedures from the outset.

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