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What is workplace horseplay? 

The majority of individuals head to work each day to provide for their families. They expect to arrive safely and return in the same condition. 

Unfortunately, there are over 1 million workplace accidents every year in the USA, with some resulting in severe injuries. For many of these accidents, no one is to blame. However, a lot of workplace injuries could have been prevented. 

Horseplay occurs when an employee engages in unsafe activities that are not part of the job. Outlined below are some more specific examples. 

Practical jokes 

Most workers like to pass a bit of the time by sharing jokes and stories. There is nothing wrong with this but there are boundaries when it comes to practical jokes. For instance, turning the lights off when someone is in an unsafe environment could result in an accident and injuries. 

Unsafe use of equipment 

Many workplaces have heavy machinery, such as forklifts, on-site. Such equipment can make moving goods much more efficient. Nonetheless, forklifts are potentially dangerous when used inappropriately. If an untrained and unauthorized employee uses the forklift to show off, this amounts to horseplay. Such conduct could result in severe injuries to staff and even fatalities. 

Defenses against bad claims

If an employee has notified you of their intention to file for workers’ compensation, then it’s important to investigate thoroughly. Many claims are legitimate, but a significant minority may be fraudulent or unjustified.

If horseplay in the workplace caused the injuries, then your business should not have to take the brunt of the legal and financial costs. Seeking guidance on the matter will help you to come up with the best possible defense strategy

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