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How to establish a zero-tolerance policy for injury fraud

Injury fraud is a serious issue for businesses of all sizes and in all industries throughout New York and the country. Because of this, taking steps to protect your business from this situation is a must. 

Some businesses have found an effective way to protect their operations by establishing a zero-tolerance policy for injury fraud

What is a zero-tolerance injury fraud policy?

With a zero-tolerance injury fraud policy, you are letting your employees know that this is unacceptable in any situation. It’s important to broadcast the potential penalties and consequences of being caught in a fraudulent situation, including that you will prosecute the individual. 

Include your policy in your employee handbook

Make sure you outline and detail your zero-tolerance policy in your employee handbook. By doing this, your employees cannot claim they were unaware of the policy and that they are being treated unfairly if caught in a fraudulent situation. 

Provide regular updates and training for old and new hires

When someone is hired, be sure to review your zero-tolerance policy. It’s also smart to provide re-training on all important topics like this to existing employees once or twice per year. 

Avoid treating every injury claim with suspicion

The policy should be used to protect your business, not to punish employees who are legitimately injured while on the job. Make sure you aren’t treating every injury claim with suspicion, as this can create a hostile and toxic work environment. 

Protecting your business from injury fraud

By implementing a zero-tolerance policy for injury fraud, you can prevent many situations where this could happen. Just be sure you provide training, information and updates about your policy to ensure your workforce is informed. 

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