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Consider an independent medical examination for any workplace injuries

As an employer, you are legally required to ensure your employees’ safety at the workplace. Additionally, they should be insured against any workplace accidents, and in most cases, workers’ compensation benefits cover this.

However, not all workplace accident claims are valid. This is why you should evaluate every case carefully, given its unique circumstances. Sometimes, workers may exaggerate their injuries to enjoy insurance benefits which is a form of insurance fraud.

Why an independent medical examiner?

If you are dealing with a workplace injury claim, you need to consider having an independent medical examiner review the case to prevent fraudulent claims. Unlike a personal doctor, an independent examiner has no close relations with either party, and their opinion is deemed neutral.

 Among the things an independent medical examiner will look at include:

  • The origin of the injury: Was it pre-existing or related to the job? Workers’ compensation covers only injuries that occur in the line of duty.
  • The extent of the injury: Some injuries may be so extensive that the employee may not be in a position to work for the foreseeable future. In contrast, others are minor injuries with little effect on their ability to resume work.
  • The treatment needed: Remember, workers’ compensation takes care of medical bills. If surgery had been recommended, how necessary is it?

An independent medical examination can save your business a lot

Fraudulent claims that overstate the extent of injuries can increase the amount of workers’ compensation premiums that your business pays out. Additionally, having an independent examiner can help resolve disputes with an employee who has suffered a workplace accident. Such conflicts may be based on the severity of their injuries and the need for treatment. 

In conclusion, always staying ahead of such situations that affect your employees and business is very important as an employer.

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