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Can your employee demand treatment through their own doctor?

Workers’ compensation insurance is necessary for employers across the state of New York. Such insurance can be one of the more expensive requirements of having staff, even if you have never had any major injuries on the job.

Some companies can qualify to insure themselves. If they have remained in operation for long enough and maintain a good credit rating, businesses can insure themselves against a possible employee injury or illness in the future.

If a worker does eventually make a claim against your company, can they demand that you pay the ridiculously high prices charged by their primary care physician or a specialist whose rates are far higher than what others charge?

New York limits benefits to approved providers

Only certain doctors and medical practices cooperate with New York workers’ compensation. In theory, workers hurt in an emergency situation can receive care from any nearby medical facility. However, those in non-emergency situations or who need recurring treatments will have to go to an approved care provider who cooperates with the workers’ compensation insurance program.

As a self-insured employer, you won’t necessarily get to dictate a specific medical care provider for an injured worker, but you can push back against attempts to see doctors who charge exorbitant rates for the care that they provide. You may also be able to request an examination to determine how impaired the worker actually is and even second opinions about the treatment suggested in some cases.

Knowing when and how to defend your company against excessive, questionable or unnecessarily expensive workers’ compensation claims can protect your financial stability.

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