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What’s the importance of an independent medical examination?

As an employer, you need to know your employees’ rights if they are involved in a workplace accident. For the most part, you will be required to cover your employees’ injuries by providing them with insurance coverage. Employers are ultimately responsible for workers’ compensation-related costs whether you opt to have an insurance plan or to be self-insured and cover those costs yourself.

Another aspect of a claim is how your employee gets medical care. Employers have a right to ask that employees go through independent medical examinations, which are examinations given by a qualified physician or medical expert of their choice. Employees may also opt to have their own doctors present during that evaluation, but they must attend this IME.

Why is an independent medical evaluation so important?

The reality is that all doctors are not equal, and some may be more willing to provide time off work or more significant diagnoses than others. Any employee who isn’t willing to come to an IME may end up losing their workers’ compensation benefits, because it suggests that they aren’t willing to have another independent doctor verify their condition.

How can you request an independent medical examination for an employee?

If you would like to request an independent medical examination for an employee, it is your right to do so as an employer. This IME protects you and helps you be sure that your employee really is as injured as they say, so that you know that your insurance or money is going to someone who deserves it.

Your attorney can help you request and schedule the independent medical examination at locations anywhere around the state. Your attorney will also help you find medical professionals who work in a specific discipline and can perform an IME in accordance with the IME requirements of the state.

If you have questions about independent medical examinations, how to schedule them or if they’re important after an employee claims that they were hurt on the job, it’s a good idea to talk to your attorney about your options. An IME could help you save money and protect your investments as a business owner.

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