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Don’t pay a single invalid workers’ compensation claim

Most of the time, injured workers have valid claims. After getting hurt on the job, they simply want to get the medical treatment they need to recover and get back to work.

Sometimes, however, an employee will try to claim workers’ comp for an unrelated injury — like something that happened over the weekend. Sometimes, workers will claim to be injured when they aren’t. Other times, you may encounter workers who will exaggerate the extent of their injuries and limitations and resist any attempt to return to productivity.

Trying to sort out claim that are valid from the ones that aren’t can sometimes be a real challenge. In addition, you may run into problems with disgruntled workers who will accuse you of retaliation over a workers’ comp claim — while ignoring the fact that they were actually disciplined for entirely legitimate reasons.

That’s where we come in. We work closely to help companies develop and execute a workers’ compensation defense.

Why is the defense important?

It isn’t your company’s responsibility to pay for claims that aren’t valid. If you’re accused of unfairly denying benefits or some other form of underhanded dealings with your employees in regards to a workers’ comp claim, however, you need a solid defense.

Workers’ compensation laws in our state are complex, and you need to make sure that your company is always in compliance with the rules. We’re here to help you through the process, from beginning to end. Please continue reviewing our website to learn more about our services or contact us directly.

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