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Protecting your insurance company takes effort and skill

Workers’ compensation insurance providers are facing a lot of pressure right now. With the economy shrinking, it’s more important than ever to cast a critical eye over potentially fraudulent or invalid injury claims — while still making good decisions on others.

Achieving a balance between the need to serve your clients and fulfill your commitments and the need to protect the company’s interests isn’t always easy.

Working with an advocate who understands insurance protocols can help

There are numerous reasons for an insurance company to hire an attorney familiar with claims and insurance protocols when you have a problem.

At our office, we understand all of the New York state laws that govern insurance operations. When an insurer is accused of wrongfully denying a policyholder’s claim, we can evaluate the policy and the state laws to provide guidance about the claim’s true merits. That may be particularly valuable for insurance companies that are not used to operating in this state since what is legal elsewhere may not be legal here.

We can also help insurers cut down on false claims and fraud. We know all of the “red flags” in workers’ compensation claims that can indicate an employee isn’t as injured as they claim.

Work with an experienced advisor that really understand insurance defense

A big part of protecting the company’s bottom line is making sure that you don’t end up in unnecessary litigation. For decades, we’ve been guiding insurance companies to solutions that will minimize their losses.

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