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What workers’ compensation responsibilities do employers have?

As an honest employer in New York, you most likely take measures to ensure you remain compliant with the state’s workers’ compensation requirements. Unfortunately, workers’ comp laws have grown increasingly complicated over the years. It can be hard for busy employers to keep track of their legal responsibilities, especially since state laws are always subject to change.

Most find success in remaining compliant with workers’ comp regulations for business owners by partnering with a reputable law firm. However, you can also improve your chances of staying in compliance by following the tips listed below after an injurious incident occurs in your company.

  • Make sure an injured worker receives immediate emergency medical attention if it is required.
  • Fill out a detailed report for each injury any of your employees sustain.
  • Send copies of your injury reports to a workers’ comp board office and your insurance provider.
  • If the injured employer cannot choose a doctor, furnish him or her with additional medical attention.
  • If the injured employer says, in writing, that he or she does not wish to find a doctor, assist the worker in finding medical care.
  • Complete all requests for additional information made by the insurance company and the workers’ comp board.

With a little forethought on your part, you can avoid legal or financial hardships that might accompany both compliance matters and employee injuries in your workplace. Further, if a dispute should arise between you and the worker, consider seeking additional guidance from your workers’ comp attorney.

For example, if you believe an employee’s claim is fraudulent, legal assistance can help you make your case while ensuring you do not violate the New York workers’ compensation regulations.

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