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Know these signs of a fraudulent workers’ compensation claim

Companies have to ensure that they’re taking steps to protect their business. One of the ways they can do this is to make sure that they aren’t being taken advantage of with their workers’ compensation policies. Any employee who’s injured should alert the company of the issue. This triggers the need to file a workers’ compensation claim.

When there’s something amiss about the claim, the company may defend itself against it. There are many things that might signal that something isn’t right with the claim. Any of these signs might be a sign that you should strongly consider defending your company’s interests because these are often present in fraudulent claims. Some of the ones you should watch for include:

  • Not notifying the company that they were injured
  • Causing the injury themselves just to file a claim
  • Missing the statute of limitations
  • Failing to go to doctor visits or fill medications
  • Being injured away from work
  • Overplaying the severity of the injury
  • Inability to account for the incident or factors that caused the injury

There are some very specific guidelines for employees who are injured, as well as employers who are handling the workers’ compensation claims. Ensuring that you’re able to handle these claims properly can help prevent your company from being the subject of a lawsuit.

If you do have to defend against a workers’ compensation claim, be sure that you hold on to the evidence you’ll need to do so. Consult with your attorney and find out how you can move forward with your defense against a fraudulent claim.

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