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Workers’ compensation law in New York

One area that can be confusing for entrepreneurs to try to navigate is workers’ comp regulations for business owners. Trying to determine what is and what isn’t one’s responsibility to pay for as a business owner can be daunting.

While business owners probably already know that they are responsible for providing workers’ compensation insurance, there may be some confusion on how far reaching that insurance is. There are people who believe that employees who sustain injuries away from work but are left unable to work are entitled to workers’ comp. However, it’s important to note that there are some work-related tasks that could result in an employee injury happening away from a business. Employees who are injured in car accidents while running errands for the company and those who sustain injuries on an after-hours trip to the office may be eligible to receive workers’ comp.

While there are still options available for employees injured away from work, such as SSDI, there are injuries that employers are not liable for. That is why it may be beneficial to have an attorney who is able to provide guidance for small business owners.

An injured employee can file a claim for workers’ compensation no matter where they are injured. The frivolousness of a claim does not prevent the claim from being filed, and it does not diminish the need for workers’ compensation defense. If an employer is facing a workers’ comp claim from an injured employee, an attorney may help navigate the process. That attorney may gather information about the injury in question, the employee who is filing the claim and other factors about the business. After gathering the needed information, the attorney may better assist the business owner in building a defense and protecting their company.

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