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Work with employers to reduce fraudulent claims

Workers compensation claims can become costly. While employers pay for this type of coverage to prevent them from having to pay for these costs when workers suffer injures at work, it is up to the insurance company to try to mitigate the expenses with each case. Oftentimes, insurers can work with employers to minimize the chance that fraudulent claims will occur.

One step that employers can take is to ensure that they’re employing workers who aren’t likely going to commit fraud. This means paying close attention for red flags, such as job hopping or unfavorable employment history checks.

Employers who have cameras might also have a lower rate of fraud than those who don’t. This is because the video footage can provide important information about the incident. It can unearth incidents in which a worker is exaggerating their symptoms or injuries.

Companies can foster solid relationships with employees to make them feel like valuable members of the team. These workers are more likely to come to a company representative if they feel something is amiss about a situation, which can be helpful in a workers’ compensation claim case that doesn’t seem valid.

Finally, insurers can encourage employers to have a path back to work for employees who are injured. This can help to reduce the amount of time they are off work, which can help to control the cost of the claim.

Workers’ compensation claims that aren’t valid shouldn’t ever be approved. Some employees might fight these denials, so the insurer must be prepared to battle through the appeal. Working closely with your attorney can help you to ensure that you have the best defense against the claim possible.

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