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Special considerations for workers returning after an injury

Workers who suffer on-the-job injuries may have to take time off work. When they do, they’ll need to have a plan for coming back to work when they’re released from the doctor. This may take some planning because you have to be able to accommodate the needs of the employee without causing undue hardship on your company.

Setting up a timeline for the worker to come back might be beneficial since it can ease them back into the company. it may also give you more time to adjust to their new needs and abilities. In some cases, these might change as time progresses, so be sure to work closely with the employee.

One thing that you need to consider is employee restrictions for returning to work. Document any statements and orders from the injured worker’s doctor. This might include things like having to work shorter shifts or not being on their feet for more than a specific amount of time. Be sure you understand what the doctor’s limits for the employee are so that you can abide by them.

There might be times when the employee can’t return to their normal work duties and there isn’t a way that you can accommodate their needs. In these cases, you should determine whether there is another position within your company that the worker could do. If it’s available, you may discuss moving the employee there.

Sometimes, an employee might have to be terminated if they’re unable to return. This is a very complex undertaking and you must ensure that you handle it within the confines of the law. Working with someone who’s familiar with this may benefit your company since you can rely on their knowledge to help you handle the situation.

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