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Protect your company from fraudulent workers’ compensation claims

Many business owners choose the self-insurance option for workers’ compensation in New York. While this might be a financially attractive option because of the rising cost of insurance policies in the area, it comes with the risk of having to pay an injured worker a large settlement. Having to do that might cause issues for the business. We know that you need to protect your company as much as possible. Our law firm offers an administrative option to help you deal with these types of cases.

Our professionals work hard to ensure that you know your options for handling workers’ compensation claims. Whether you only need help with certain aspects of the case or if you require soup-to-nuts assistance, we’re here for you.

When a worker suffers a legitimate injury, you have a legal obligation to provide them with workers’ compensation benefits. This doesn’t mean that they should get whatever they seek, however. Instead, there are specific matters that you need to consider. We are familiar with the state and federal laws that apply to these cases so we can provide a blueprint for your company to follow.

It is possible that some employees may try to “milk the system” if they suffer an injury. You have to look at the entire situation to determine whether they are malingering or have lasting damage from the at-work incident. Our law firm will work on your behalf to ensure you only pay benefits that are legally and medically warranted.

Some companies that self-insure face litigation because of disputes over the benefits that are due to injured workers. We’re here to represent your interests in these cases so that you can continue to focus on running your company.

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