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How should you respond to a worker getting injured?

All New York employers should have a protocol to follow when a worker gets hurt, but few do. Whether a business has a plan in place for how to deal with injured employees largely depends on how many employees they have and their industry. Workplace accidents are so rare in some instances that employers have to scramble to respond to them when they happen. Injuring accidents are common in specific sectors. All Troy businesses should follow some basic steps when a worker reports an injury.

Employers should carefully assess the situation if a worker gets hurt. They should determine whether they need to call paramedics or if an employee can drive to get medical care on their own.

A worker and any witnesses are most apt to have their freshest memories of what led up to an event if someone asks them right away. You should take the time to get statements from your injured worker and their colleagues as soon as it’s safe. You should preserve any evidence that may shed light on what happened as well.

You must make sure that your worker knows their rights and point them in the right direction to see approved medical personnel. You should maintain regular communication with your adjuster, employee and your worker’s medical team. Your worker will receive the necessary care that they need and your insurance costs will remain low if you do this.

Injured employees often file lawsuits against their employers or insurance companies if they feel like their treatment was cut short or they otherwise didn’t receive the compensation that they deserved. You may find it helpful to consult with an attorney here in Troy if you are worried about your worker filing a lawsuit against your New York town or city.

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