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Fight back against workers’ compensation fraud

The workers’ compensation system is designed to help protect employees and employers; however, some workers might try to take advantage of the system. In those cases, it is up to the employers to try to fight back. Fraudulent workers’ compensation claims can hurt everyone, so they must be stopped before they become an issue.

There are many ways that workers might try to get over on the workers’ compensation program. Most of these are based on fraud, which is why they shouldn’t be allowed to continue on.

Some workers aren’t ever injured. They claim that they were in an accident that never occurred. It’s possible that the worker might even injure themselves intentionally. They are just out to try to collect as much money as they can. They might even blame the business for an injury that occurred at home.

It’s also possible that a worker who did suffer an injury might make it seem worse than it really is. This would enable them to remain off the job longer and collect more benefits.

Sometimes, the issue is that the person claims they can’t work but then they get a job somewhere else. They continue to work there even though they’re getting workers’ compensation benefits.

You should always stand ready to protect your company, but remember that it’s usually best to err on the side of caution when an employee says they’re injured. If you find that a worker is defrauding the workers’ compensation system, make sure you speak up. There isn’t any reason why uninjured workers should be allowed to collect benefits that aren’t due.

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