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How should your municipality respond when a worker gets hurt?

There are a variety of reasons that employers, including municipalities, are sued. One of the more common ones why they face legal action is because employers fail to take the necessary steps that they should take when a worker gets hurt on the job. While the exact steps an employer may need to take may vary by jurisdiction, there are some general procedures any business entity must follow no matter where their headquarters is.

One of the most important things that an employer can do when a worker is hurt on the job is to be responsive.

Employers should make sure that they tend to the injured worker and that they summons emergency help if necessary. If paramedics aren’t called to the scene, then employers should, at the very least, send their employees to the doctor to be checked out. The scene of the incident needs to be secured to preserve any evidence and so that you can thoroughly investigate what happened.

An employer must work together with their employee to help them file any necessary paperwork to open up their workers’ compensation claims. It can demonstrate to both your worker and anyone else that questions your responsiveness if you already have documentation that describes an employee’s rights to employer-compensated medical care ready for them.

Employers who aren’t responsive in handling their employee’s workers’ comp claims often find themselves facing legal action. Being communicative with your employees can minimize the chances of this happening. If your city has been sued by an employee for your poor handling of their workplace injury incident, then an attorney in Troy can advise you of how to proceed in your New York case.

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