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Court rejects NYPD officer’s workers’ compensation appeal

Many in Troy might assume that employers approve any and all workers’ compensation claims in an effort to remain in their employees’ good graces. Yet what is overlooked in this assumption is the fact that companies pay for their workers’ compensation coverage, and an abundance of claims can impact the rates they pay. Thus, it is in their best interest to encourage the investigation of claims to ensure that the cause of their employees’ injuries are indeed work-related.

If it is determined that they are not, then benefit providers may feel justified in denying claims. Claimants can object to this, but if the denial is legitimate, such objections are likely to be struck down in court. That is exactly what happened in the case of a New York City police officer. The woman’s job as an evidence control specialist required that she store and retrieve items submitted as evidence. She eventually began to develop pain in her arm, elbow and wrist and claimed that this was due to the repetitive motion and heavy lifting that her job required her to do. However, her subsequent workers’ compensation claim was denied.

In her appeal to the court, the woman submitted her medical records documenting her treatment and listing the cause of her injuries as her work-related tasks. However, she failed to support that with any medical testimony. Because of this, both the initial court that heard her case and the appellate court that reviewed it both ruled against her.

Businesses want to be sympathetic to their employees’ concerns, yet that need must be balanced with the dangers of being taken advantage of. Any company that feels like an employee is trying to do just that through an invalid workers’ compensation claim may wish to work with an attorney to dispute it.

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