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Defending blocked workers’ compensation claims

New York workers sustain injuries on the job every day. Whether you run a construction business or have a small office, accidents happen. However, not all injuries sustained while on the job or company property are compensable. At Stockton, Barker & Mead, LLP, we often assist clients with a wide range of workers’ comp issues.

FindLaw reports that accidental injury and occupational disease issues are the most common claim categories. Depending on the circumstances, there are a variety of defenses that can apply to a particular claim.

  • The deadline for notifying an employer of an injury ranges from 30-90 days. Failure to do so within the time frame may make your employee ineligible for a claim.
  • Time limits for filing a claim is different from a worker notifying you of their injury. Statute of limitations ranges from one to three years.
  • Independent contractors injured on the business premises may be ineligible for compensation benefits. This is true even if the company is negligent.
  • Employee negligence occurs when they perform duties while intoxicated or while engaging in “horseplay.” This term applies when a person’s injuries result due to their own carelessness.
  • To have a workers’ compensation claim approved, employees must have an independent medical exam. It verifies the case is authentic and is the basis for the benefits paid. If an employee fails to have this exam, they may receive a claim denial.

Workers hurt while on the job can receive benefits that assist them in the healing process. However, not all claims are justifiable or appropriate. Visit our webpage for more information on this topic.

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