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Workers’ comp claims over slip-and-fall accidents

Workplace injuries take place in many different ways, and it is important for employers to consider various preventative measures to keep employees safe and avoid some of the consequences of workplace accidents. Unfortunately, workplace accidents cannot always be avoided, no matter how much a company focuses on employee safety. Moreover, there are times when workers falsely claim that they were hurt on the job and attempt to pursue workers’ compensation benefits that they should not be entitled to. Sometimes, these cases may involve an alleged slip-and-fall accident.

An employee may falsely claim that they were hurt in a slip-and-fall accident, or they may purposely create a scenario which leaves them injured in order to gain access to benefits. For example, an employee may pretend to fall down due to a slippery surface, and claim that they were hurt when they were not injured in the accident. Or, they may have suffered an injury in another manner (such as an accident that took place outside of the workplace) and decide to place the blame on a slip-and-fall accident that never occurred.

From icy surfaces to wet floors following a spill or a leak, there are many ways in which slip-and-fall accidents can happen. Regrettably, some workers take advantage of the system and stage accidents or exaggerate the extent of the accident, claiming that they were hurt after falling down when they were not. It is important for employers to carefully review the ins and outs of slip-and-fall accidents and address false claims appropriately.

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