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As insurance rates continue to rise, self-insurance has become an increasingly attractive option for large companies in New York. As self-insureds, companies usually can dictate what lawyers defend them against workers' compensation claims. The choice of attorney matters — large settlements of verdicts can ruin a company's bottom line, so it is vital to have the assistance of experienced attorney with a history of obtaining positive results.

At Stockton, Barker & Mead, LLP, we use our well-honed legal skills and vast knowledge of the New York Workers' Compensation Law to defend clients throughout upstate New York. We work with our clients to fashion solutions to their problems that resolve their legal matters efficiently and effectively. We serve as a consistent presence for our clients, so that they always know the attorneys they work with and do not have to continually familiarize themselves with new legal counsel.

Protecting Self-Insured Companies

While businesses in New York are required to maintain workers' compensation insurance to protect their employees, the state allows large companies to post a bond and be self-insured. Companies can then set up their own claims department or hire a third party that functions like a claims department.

Regardless of how claims are administered, we develop close working relationships with the risk management and claims processing offices at self-insured companies. This long-lasting partnership allows us to better understand:

  • Whether the business prefers to settle cases, take cases to trial or a combination of the two approaches.
  • The goals a business has when faced with workers' comp claims.
  • How the company balances financial considerations and the impact litigating a case can have on employee morale.
  • How the business fits within its industry and what its particular competitive needs are.
  • What the employer can do to avoid risk in the future.

We strive to serve as trusted advisors and effective advocates for our self-insured clients. We are a resource that clients can always turn to at any time before, during or after a claim is filed.

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