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Assisting Risk Managers Throughout New York

Risk managers face the difficult task of handling insurance claims in the present while having to be cognizant of how those claims will affect the company's finances in the future. They also serve as a company's first line of defense against workers' compensation fraud and meritless claims. With millions of dollars in premiums at stake, risk managers are always at the forefront of a company's cost-containment efforts.

At Stockton, Barker & Mead, LLP, we help risk managers shoulder this hefty burden by providing trusted legal advice and effective advocacy. Since our firm's inception in 1994, we have served as a resource to risk managers at many different insurance companies and self-insured companies. We partner with risk managers at all stages of workers' compensation claims to find solutions that resolve the claims in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Innovative Approach To Risk Management

Our services are beneficial at all stages of the risk management process. Whether a risk management office is directing the actions of a claims adjuster or helping develop a company's policy to avoid future risk, our insight into workers' compensation defense and the insurance industry allows us to offer cutting edge legal advice and representation. As a part of our comprehensive risk management services we:

  • Help create policies designed to avoid future incidents or improve reporting ability.
  • Offer advice about the merits of a claim, the likelihood of a claim's success and the potential pay out in a settlement.
  • Use our piercing analysis to accurately assess the facts of a claim.
  • Defend against workers' compensation claims at all stages of a case, going to trial if needed.
  • Prosecute claims related to an insured's refusal to return to work despite being cleared by a medical professional.

All of our risk management services are designed with a focus on cost containment. Our lawyers create and execute plans to reach our clients' goals in a well-prepared, professional and trustworthy manner.

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