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Individually Tailored Counseling And Insurance Defense For Municipal Entities

In New York, municipal employers are subject to a subset of specialized workers' compensation claims. These specialized claims can add an increased burden on a municipal entity's budget if they are not handled properly. To prevent this, cities, towns, counties and other municipal employers need to turn to the experienced legal team at Stockton, Barker & Mead, LLP.

Since 1994 we have served the workers' compensation defense and counseling needs of clients throughout upstate New York. Our representation is personally tailored to the needs of each individual client — we recognize that each municipal employer faces different situations and has different goals, so we shape our representation in a way that best meets our clients' needs. We assist at all stages of the workers' compensation process, from counseling about insurance coverage before claims arise to defending our clients' interests at trial.

Municipal Representation In Workers' Compensation Claims

When we work with municipal entities, we discuss a wide range of issues as a part of our comprehensive representation. This includes:

Police and firefighters: Workers' compensation claims for law enforcement officers and firefighters are governed by a special section of the General Municipal Law. This section imposes different requirements than those for other municipal employees, such as sanitation workers, and can affect the outcome of a case.

Special procedures for municipal workers' comp: The interplay between the New York Workers' Compensation Law and the General Municipal Law creates many complications. We are familiar with all of the specific procedures that need to be followed in these cases, and know how to use them to our clients' advantage.

Retirement: When a work injury necessitates retirement, the cost to a municipal entity can be staggering. After carefully analyzing the facts or each situation, we use our time-tested litigation skills to defend our clients' best interests.

No matter how complex the issue, we provide innovative representation that is responsive, honest, professional and effective.

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