Albany Lawyers For Outside Or Defense Counsel

Meeting The Legal Needs Of Insurance Companies Throughout New York

Stockton, Barker & Mead, LLP, has served the workers' compensation needs of insurance companies since 1994. During that time, we have served as both advisors and advocates for our clients. Whether we are advising clients about cost-containment measures or defending a client's interests in court, our diligent representation is designed to reach a positive outcome as efficiently as possible.

Outside Counsel

Our attorneys serve on outside counsel panels for many different insurance companies. Our continued presence on these panels has given us an acute insight into the needs of our clients. As outside counsel, we assist with a wide range of issues, including claims management, loss mitigation and loss avoidance. We utilize our ongoing relationships with claims departments and claims professionals to remain on the forefront of insurance law. This allows us to always offer innovative and trusted advice, no matter how complex an issue is involved.

Defense Counsel

When workers' compensation claims arise, we draw on our extensive legal experience and proven litigation strategies to defend our clients' interests. Our lawyers each possess unique talents and strengths — we match our attorneys with cases and clients that fit their skills so that our clients receive individually tailored representation that is as powerful and efficient as possible.

We collaborate with our clients at all stages of a claim to fashion plans aimed at reaching the best possible outcome for them. We then carry out those plans with professionalism, effectiveness and a fierce loyalty to our clients.

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