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The representation an insurance company receives should be as distinct as the company itself — at Stockton, Barker & Mead, LLP, we personally tailor our services to best fit each client's goals. We utilize our attorneys' vast skill sets by matching lawyers with the cases where their talents will provide maximum effectiveness and value to our clients. Our representation is at all times guided by the goals and approach specified by our clients. Whether that means settling a case as soon as possible or defending it until the very end in court, our accomplished attorneys are able to provide exactly the type of representation insurance companies need.

New Claims

When an insurance company learns about a new claim, because either the insured reported it or the Workers' Compensation Board sent a notice, it has a limited amount of time to accept or controvert a claim. This short time frame is when it is especially prudent for an insurance company to seek the advice of an attorney. We help clients assess many different factors when deciding whether to pay or controvert a claim, including:

  • Cost
  • Merits of the claim
  • Likelihood of success at trial
  • Effect on future claims

An attorney must review controverted claims and certify that they have merit. The company and their attorneys then have 90 days to conduct an investigation and submit evidence. 90 days is not nearly as long as it sounds, and this time frame is filled with frenetic activity — we use our experienced approach to workers' compensation defense to ensure that, despite the fast pace of this time frame, all relevant evidence is collected and presented in a persuasive manner.

Existing Claims

In existing claims, issues can arise in relation to a dispute about the insured being able to resume light duty work or using his or her best efforts to be attached to the labor market. When these issues are present, we consult with clients about the possibility of raising them and the chance of success. If need be, we prosecute these issues for our clients.

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